General Construction


General construction can contain crucial development phases that require expertise in every facet. This can include designing, building and remodeling and most importantly, having an established and reputable company tie it all together. TPM Demolition and Construction is a trusted brand that delivers outstanding work and quality service. We take the responsibility of providing all the labor, equipment and services. Many areas our construction services can help in ranges from smaller tasks such as painting indoors to larger jobs that require heavy machinery. From installing the infrastructure on a property to plumbing to electrical work, we do it all. Our team brings professional grade quality level of work to any service we perform. No job is too small or too large because we offer flexible pricing that fits the work needed. 


Our services cover a wide range. Doesn't have to be limited to only new buildings or large structures. For example, we can fix drainage issues that are washing out your driveway or add gutters to a house. Homeowners to business owners, our clients come in all sizes. Other areas we can cover include applying for building permits, securing the property, managing subcontractors, providing site surveying, disposing of all debris and waste properly and much more. Our company can help with indoor and outdoor improvements, repairs and installations such as providing heating and air conditioning services, roofing, painting or even adding a drainage pipe. We can help you with inspections as well.

Being able to depend on a company is essential and we take pride in that. We educate our clients on anything important related to the project. Sometimes you may not know of potential issues that can occur. Safety is also important, and it's our priority at every level. Our team handles all aspects of the project from start to finish. We can do it all, from the ground to ceiling and beyond! Not only can we build new construction but we can do the demolition work, haul away the debris, clean up a site, rebuild walls, add ceilings, lay tile or carpet and turn your idea into a beautiful reality. Give your architectural plans to the experts. Call or email us today about your next construction project.

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