Excavator Services


When a storm or bad weather wreaks havoc on your property, TPM Demolition and Construction will be there to help. Call before or after hazardous weather such as a snowstorm or high winds and we will bring the machinery to clean up your commercial property. We remove tree stumps, rotted out trees, dig, move, and grade the land. Excavation work is a vital part of many construction and waterway management projects.

Excavating can be digging holes, grading land and leveling for foundations, roads, driveways, sidewalks, pipes, drainage, sewer lines and more. A variety of heavy equipment we use include backhoes, dredges, bulldozers and tractors to tackle the job. Land clearing and landscape removal are also a part of our excavator services. Our team can create foundations for new construction and do long reach excavation for hard-to-reach areas. We will then safely haul away sand and gravel. Let our team make those tough projects easy.

Our team will do the heavy-duty work for you. We will obtain the permits needed for the job, remove soil, test soil firmness and properly dispose of dirt and waste. Hiring a professional excavation team can save you time and money. Call or email for an estimate.

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