Debris and Trash Removal

Efficient, safe and ecofriendly

That big demolition, remodeling or construction job is over. You have cleared your property and now you have to get rid of all that waste, junk, building materials and debris in a timely and cost-effective way. Maybe you are renovating an old building and need to clear out the trash. The solution is to bring TPM Demolition and Construction in to help. Our locally owned company has the tools needed to make your cleanup job easier and will provide an efficient, safe and ecofriendly construction waste removal process.


Our team has the knowledge of where the waste will go and the rules for proper disposal. We determine if hazardous material such as asbestos is present. If a permit is needed to haul away debris and waste, our team will get it for you. Hire a qualified company that will come to your property, load up the debris and haul it away. We offer reliable drop-off and pickup times as well as flexible scheduling for your waste and debris removal.


Maybe you have a major do-it-yourself project. You want to tear down that old wall or ceiling or pull out the nails, rugs or flooring. We have you covered. You can rent a 15- or 20-yard steel rollaway container and we will drop it off. Once you fill up the container, our team will come back to haul away all waste material and debris as many times as you need. Call or email us today to rent a rollaway container for your next project.

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