Concrete Demolition

Projects of any size, small or big

Bring in a local professional team to take over your concrete demolition and clear away the dust on your project. Have old and unsafe buildings removed from your properties and debris removed as well. One of the benefits to bringing our team alongside your project includes making it possible for new structures and communities to be built in a timely matter. This is the first step to bringing life back into a project and turning it into a modern-day beautiful building. Concrete demolition should be handled with the utmost care and that’s where we come in.


Our team uses a variety of techniques to get the job done such as concrete cutting and wet cutting for interior work. This technique keeps dust to a minimum. Once we have safely broken up the concrete, we will remove it from the site. The most common demolition tools used are mechanical (occurs on larger structures), induced collapse (apply a force that results in a controlled collapse) and building implosion (using high-powered explosives to collapse a building). With a variety of solutions, we can take on any project that comes to us. Contact us today with your demolition needs!


It is important to know the conditions of when concrete demolition is needed for your property or building. TPM Demolition & Construction will assess the site and make the best and most cost-efficient decision that works for you. Here are a few of the warning signs:

  • Deep, widespread cracks where settlement has occurred
  • Concrete slabs that have sunk
  • Concrete slabs the show signs of frost heave
  • Concrete slabs that have spalling or pitting on the surface

We can tear out old concrete and replace it with the concrete of your choice. As part of our service, we are careful to remove harmful, environmental factors from demolition sites and dispose of them properly. From start to finish, our team ensures to maintain a high quality degree of care working in and around our client’s sites. Let us provide you an estimate for your next demolition, call or email us today.

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